Top 5 things to do in Sardinia this summer apart from going to the sea

Wondering if there is something else to do in Sardinia? Grab your car hire keys and go discover


So you've planned your vacation in Sardinia and think to just lay on a sunny beach and take a swim every now and then? Well there’s a whole lot to do and discover in Sardinia than becoming crisp and well cooked like the typical piglet served on the island (the famous “porcetto”). Here’s a list of some of the most interesting things you can do in Sardinia this summer. By the way, since you are reading this, why not take a look at our low cost rates for you car hire in Sardinia? Because, of course, you would need a car to reach some of the places described in this list. So, engines ready? Let’s go.

1.Berchidda – Time in Jazz International Festival

Dave Holland (© Time in Jazz Berchidda)Berchidda is a small and beautiful village in the heart of Gallura and here the world famous jazz musician Paolo Fresu was born. To show his affection for his home-town, the artist organizes every year the Time in Jazz festival. That of 2014 is the 27th edition of this event that each year attracts some of the greatest jazz performers, like Fabrizio Bosso, Omar Sosa and Dave Holland. The festival begins on the 9th of August until the 16th of August. More information available here

2.Sassari – La Faradda di li Candareri

On the 14th of August Sassari enjoys its most heartfelt celebration, the “Faradda di li Candareri” (the descent of the Candelieri). The Candelieri are big wooden columns, that remember votive candles, that are carried over the shoulders along the streets of the city while the crowd cries “Fallu baddà” (local for “Make it dance”). This is the celebration that no true sassarese can miss. Find out more at this link
Sassari - Candelieri 2013 (© Sassari - Candelieri 2013 (©

3.Nuoro – La Sagra del Redentore (Festival of the Redeemer)

On the 24th of August, in Nuoro, you can enjoy the beautiful Sardinian folklore during the parade for the Sagra del Redentore (Festival of the Redeemer). In this occasion several groups from various cities and villages of Sardinia shows their historical costumes, accompanied by traditional masks and horse parades. More info here

4.Ossi – Molineddu Festival

Not quite as important as the previous events, the Molineddu Festival is a modern art gala that takes place in a private property that deserves a visit alone for its inner beauty. The place is located near the small village of Ossi and this year is the 18th edition of the festival.

5.Cagliari – Testament in concert

Testament concert in Cagliari (© Kuntra - you need something “stronger” to brighten up your holiday in Sardinia, Cagliari will be the place to shake off all your relax in one time: on the 31st of july the city will host the concert of the thrash metal band “Testament”, considered one of the greatest band of the world in their genre. Info & Tickets

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