Situated in the northwestern coast of Sardinia, this town is in a very propitious position. In fact Alghero is 300 miles far from Spain, just in front of Barcelona.

Arbatax - Tortolì

This area is very interesting both for its natural and archaeological aspects. The surroundings of Tortolì, about 5 kilometres far from Arbatax, are full of nuraghi, domus de janas and tombe dei giganti (giants' graves) testifying the presence of ancient civilizations.


The fascination of Ogliastra's coasts


Chief-town of the island, Cagliari is situated in the southern part of Sardinia, in the gulf Degli Angeli, at the end of Campidano plain, between the sea, Montelargius and Santa Gilla's ponds, and some hills, like "Su Casteddu" (the castle).


The city of Olbia is in the northeastern coast of Sardinia, in the most inner part of the homonymous gulf, in front of the little island of Tavolara. It is one of the most important port and airport call in Sardinia.

Porto Torres

Porto Torres is situated in the Asinara Gulf, 19 kilometres far from Sassari. It is the most important harbour in the northern part of Sardinia and the seat of the Sardinian petrochemical industry.


Sassari is the second city for importance, politics and inhabitants (about 120000) in Sardinia. It is situated in the northern part, on a large calcareous tableland and its economy is mostly based on the tertiary sector.


This small town is in the western part of the Asinara Gulf, about 50 kilometres far from Sassari.