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Olbia is sun, sea, fun, fashion and shopping, but also history, culture and nature. Located in the north-east of Sardinia, overlooking the crystalline waters of the homonymous gulf overlooking the imposing island of Tavolara, just thirty kilometers from the charming Costa Smeralda, Olbia is the main access route for millions of Italian and foreign tourists every season crowd the enchanting beaches of Sardinia. The turquoise sea, the green of the Mediterranean, the yellow of its brooms, the white of its beaches and the granite of its rocks, those who visit Olbia can not fail to be fascinated by its colors and its flavors. The city of Olbia is the capital of the Sardinian region of Gallura as well as the main port and airport of Sardinia. Olbia is the city of surprises, a maze of hidden corners to travel slowly to find the traces of its past history, perhaps sipping a coffee in the rooms of Piazza Margherita or enjoying a honey seada. There is the solemn Basilica of San Simplicio, patron saint of the city, symbol of the medieval period and of early Christianity.
In the historical center, open-air museum of the Roman and medieval period, there is Corso Umberto, with its sumptuous palaces and the many restaurants where you can taste a real fried fish or the pasta with bottarga. In via Torino another dive into history: here you can admire the only part of the ancient walls of the Punic city founded in 350 BC. approximately, restored and maintained even after the conquest of the Romans. The Church of St. Paul the Apostle dates back to the eighteenth century and the choir, the pulpit and the altar are excellent examples of wood art of the same period. Do not miss the seafront of Olbia, with palm trees, benches and the nautical club that almost forget to be in Italy. Finally, on the Isolotto di Peddone, the archaeological museum stands majestically, which, built only in 2003, with its exhibitions and annual exhibitions, soon became the artistic heart of the city. Parco Fausto Noce is instead the green heart of the city, with its fountains, life trails and the amphitheater is a favorite destination of the inhabitants of Olbia to spend hours of family relaxation.
After visiting Olbia to admire the beauty of the city or get lost in the wonderful road routes that the Sardinian island offers its visitors must rent a car, and leave: to the north there is the fashionable and glamorous Costa Smeralda, south the wild Sardinian coast with its white beaches and dense vegetation, like Li Cuncheddi, a corner of Polynesia near Capo Ceraso, a few kilometers from Olbia, with its secluded beach and the goldfish that swim in the crystal clear waters. Less than twenty kilometers from the city is Porto Rotondo, a town renowned for its international jet set. Taking the state road 125 to the north you will reach Porto Cervo, Palau, the Island of La Maddalena, to arrive in less than 100 km to Santa Teresa, located at the northern end of Sardinia. By renting a car you will be able to enjoy all the natural beauty of this magical land, like the promontory of Capo d'Orso, which culminates in a great rock beaten by the winds.Olbia-Costa Smeralda Airport is the closest to the most touristic part of Sardinia, the famous Costa Smeralda which, since the end of the '50s, has become one of the most important holiday centers of attraction of the middle and upper classes. At the airport there are car rental and, since in Sardinia it is absolutely advisable to travel with own means, you can book a rental car before departure to be able to move easily.

The city of Olbia has undergone a great development in the last decades quadrupling the population in just sixty years, therefore, despite its "city" dimensions, it has a very narrow historical center where only the Roman church of San Simplicio and the particular church of St. Paul. If the city itself has little to offer, in the surroundings there is the important nuragic complex of Cabu Abbas, but for those in search of seascapes, its fractions are the most famous and those to which you must head with the rented car. There are Porto Rotondo, San Pantaleo and the splendid Gulf of Marinella, but also the well-known resort of Golfo Aranci on a calcareous promontory. Continuing north for a few kilometers you reach the Costa Smeralda with the fashionable Porto Cervo, the exclusive Cala di Volpe and the beaches of Baia Sardinia. The road then continues towards Capo d'Orso, where the wind has carved the shape of the plantigrado in the rocks and just opposite is the island of Caprera with the Maddalena archipelago.

If you head instead from Olbia to the hinterland, visit the town of Tempio Pausania with its 18th century historical center, made up of buildings constructed of gray granite blocks typical of the area and of course there are also nuraghi to see here.

With the rental car from Olbia you can also point to the south coast where there are other famous places like San Teodoro and Budoni with its ponds behind the white beaches.The city of Olbia has a modern tourist and commercial port: Isola Bianca port. It is one of the main Italian ports for the number of passengers and from here depart and arrive the ferries that daily connect Sardinia with the Italian peninsula. Olbia is in fact connected with the main Italian port cities: Civitavecchia, Genoa, Livorno and Piombino. Geographically very close to the continent (the minimum distance is 300 km), from the port of Olbia it is possible to reach the opposite coasts in just under six hours thanks to modern fast ships.
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