Seeing The Sights Of Sardinia By Rental Car

A trip to the discovery of the Island


Sardinia is a large, impressive island off the coast of Italy. Surrounded by the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, it is considered paradise by holidaymakers. Situated south of Corsica, Sardinia's environment is green and hilly, and punctuated by inland mountain ranges. The tallest peak, Punta La Marmora, can be found within the Gennargentu Ranges. First settled by Paleolithic and Neolithic cultures, Sardinia features many prehistoric sites. From aging temples, stone graves and fallen fortresses, remains can be explored in a number of locations, including Dorgali, Olbia, Borore, Arzachena, Trieri and Lanusei

If you are organising your first, even your tenth, trip to Sardinia, there is no better way to see the island's sights than by car. Whether landing at one of the island's three airports, Alghero, Olbia or Cagliari, bookings for your hire car can be made online at, so you can travel to wherever you want to be, once on shore. Car Hire gives you the freedom to choose what car rental you prefer and is not restricted to any particular car hire company. is a car rental broker that takes care of all that. All you need to do is choose what main city or airport you'd like as your pick up and drop off points on island, make payment and go.

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Driving the Sardinian coast will surely bring many breathtaking vistas into view. Yet, in the same moment, you'll know it hasn't taken miles and miles to get there – just one booking with

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