The guardian of the Asinara


This small town is in the western part of the Asinara Gulf, about 50 kilometres far from Sassari. Founded at the end of XIX century, in order to find a place for the fishermen who used to live in the island of Asinara, when it was expropriated by the State and made, at first, quarantine, then penal colony and, finally, natural park, Stintino is now a little town composed of the typical seafaring-village houses. The parish of The Immaculate Conception, where some works of art from Asinara are kept (a painting about some martyrs, a statue of the Madonna and one of the so-called Madonna della Difesa –Madonna of Defence-), is the only church in the village. There are two harbours, Porto Minore, and Porto Mannu, more recent and well equipped.

Cultural Itineraries and Excursions

Along the coastal road, to the north of the village, you can enjoy the striking view of Rada dei Fornelli, between the Promontory of Capo Falcone and the Asinara island, and where two beautiful small islands lie: Isola Piana (Flat Island) and an islet where an Aragonese tower stands: Torre Pelosa, that gives the name to the beautiful beach in front of it, the buttonhole flower of these area, thanks to the wonderful colours of its waters. On the promontory of Capo Falcone another tower stands, Torre del Falcone, from where you can have a wonderful sight of the whole western coast, up to Capo Caccia. Southwards you can find the ponds of Pilo, Saline and Casaraccio; not far from here you can find the ancient buildings of the Tonnara delle Saline (tunny-fishing centres), built in the XVII century, enlarged in 1885 and definitively abandoned at the end of the Sixties. The former houses of the fishermen are now used as tourist villages.


Coming from Sassari you will find the beaches of Le Saline, le Tonnare and Coscia di Donna, but Stintino's buttonhole flower is the beach of La Pelosa, towards Capo Falcone, in front of Isola Piana and Asinara Island. Unfortunately this beach, one of the most beautiful in Sardinia, thanks to its turquoise waters and thin white sand, during the summer, especially in the week ends and in August is practically uninhabitable, because it is too crowded. After La Pelosa, towards the small island where a nice coastal tower stands, there is the small beach of La Pelosetta.

Local Festivals

If you love lateen veil, you can't miss the Regata della Vela Latina (Regatta of the Lateen Veil), in the second week of August. During the first week of September there is the feast in honour of the Madonna della Difesa.